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We want to introduce you to Tequila as the elegant spirit of unique tastes and sensations that you will want to remember.

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Why the Jigger?
Tequila Rack JiggerThe TequilaRack™ Tasting Kit comes with a measuring jigger to insure that the right measure of our fine Micro Tequilas is imparted for the tasting experience. In order to truly savor the flavors of our Tequilas, ¼ ounce of each is necessary. Because a recommended tasting is made up of at least three brands, ½ ounce of each is the equivalent of one “regular” drink. So, you can go “the minimum” using the small bowl of the jigger. Or, you can go “the maximum” (before killing your taste buds) with the big bowl of the jigger. Either way, you’ll be within the bounds for tasting the official way while drinking responsibly.

Choosing the Proper Glasses
Riedel Tequila Tasting GlassesThe glass matters a great deal in Tequila tasting, with the size and shape affecting the trajectory and intensity of the aroma. Several years ago, German manufacturer Riedel designed a Tequila glass at the request of Tequila manufacturers.

For the most authentic tasting experience, the TequilaRack™ Tasting Kit includes two Riedel Crystal glasses. With their long stem and shape that resembles a sparkling wine glass, they add a note of elegance to any tasting. A transparent Tequila glass will allow testers to identify the purity of the liquid and to evaluate subtle differences in color.