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While Tequilera La Magdalena is one of the newer Tequileras in Mexico, it is said to produce one of the finest Reposados available, El Caudillo. Following the time honored methods of distillation and using only the finest Agave plants available, El Caudillo offers the taster an experience to be savored and remembered. The Tequilera is located in the pre-Hispanic town of Magdalena, in the state of Jalisco. The original native inhabitants of the area were Tecuexes. The native name of Magdelana was Xochitepec which means the place next to the hill of the flowers. It is among these flowers that some of the highest quality Agave plants are grown and harvested for El Caudillo. The Reposado is carefully aged in oak barrels, taking on a golden color and “oaky” flavor, before being bottled.