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It’s our mission to bring you the finest spirits to enjoy with friends and family. We begin with artisan-crafted Tequilas…


We invite you to travel with us around the Tequila region of Mexico. Our videos offer a glimpse into the world of “the nectar of the gods.” You’ll learn about the fabled origins of Tequila, which, according to Aztec mythology, was created following an epic war between good and evil. See how the Weber Blue Agave plant becomes Tequila and discover what gives aged Tequila its amber hue and subtle flavor variations.

Beyond the folklore, there are plenty of modern-day myths about Tequila that persist to this day. We dispel a few, introducing you to the carefully regulated organization that evaluates the quality and consistency of all Tequila. As much as Mexico takes pride in distilling exceptional Tequila, we at TequilaRack and International Tasting Group are pleased to introduce you to collections of the finest artisan-made Tequilas. We hope you enjoy getting to know them.