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Pour yourself a glass of Tequila and immerse yourself in the legend, the history, and the renewed fascination with this traditional drink of Mexico. These resources will inspire you to add Tequila to your repertoire of fine spirits when you are entertaining or enjoying an evening out on the town. We have selected them for their diverse approach to all things Tequila, from luscious photographs of the Tequila-making process, to an engaging history of the land and the liquid, and finally, to a collection of recipes to get your started on your journey. Salud!


Las Aromas del Tequila
Las Aromas del TequilaDiscover the world of Tequila through it's aromas! This book is an exhaustive exploration of the numerous aromas found in Tequila, and is designed to train your senses to recognize and appreciate them. These include the primary materials used to make Tequila as well as the aromas resulting from cooking, fermentation, distillation and aging. Offered in Spanish, soon to be released in English...

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Tequila: The Spirit of Mexico
Tequila: The Spirit of Mexico bookAn appreciation of one of the most popular liquors in the world, including ratings of more than 100 brands.

Long considered a lowbrow liquor, Tequila today is one of the fastest-growing beverages in the world, and the growth is decidedly upscale. An entire Tequila culture has developed not only throughout Mexico but in sophisticated restaurants and bars all over the world, from New York to Los Angeles, London to Tokyo… Click here to learn More

Heaven, Earth, Tequila: Un Viaje Al Corazon de Mexico
Heaven, Earth, Tequila: Un Viaje Al Corazon de Mexico bookThrough a series of remarkable images and sometimes overly romantic observations, award-winning photographer Menuez reveals the labor and love inherent in Tequila production, from harvesting and processing Blue Agave to distilling the liquor that here takes on a near mythic stature. Menuez spends a significant amount of time in Jalisco state, near the town of Tequila, where he and a friend visit Agave fields, Tequila distilleries and a bar where bull fighters hang out… Click here to learn More

Tequila: A Natural and Cultural History
Tequila: A Natural and Cultural History bookThe leading agronomist in Mexico's Tequila industry and one of America's most respected ethnobotanists plumb the myth of Tequila as they introduce the natural history, economics, and cultural significance of the plants cultivated for its production. Valenzuela-Zapata and Nabhan take readers into the Agave fields of Mexico to convey their passion for the century plant and its popular by-product, trace Tequila's progress from its modest beginnings to one of the world's favored spirits, and tell how innovations from cross-cultural exchanges made fortunes for Cuervo and other distillers… Click here to learn More

Tequila: A Traditional Art of Mexico
Tequila bookTequila is a national drink of great variety and complexity, inextricably entwined with the history and culture of Mexico. Smithsonian's Tequila is the first book in English to explore fully what has been called "that burning river in a small glass." Here is a wonderful guide to everything you need to know about Tequila, from 21 background questions and answers, to an A-Z illustrated description of all the Tequila brands from the most common to the rarest, to a collection of recipes, not only for cocktails but also for Tequila shrimp and Tequila leg of lamb… Click here to learn More