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Ana Maria Romero Mena

Respected Tequila authority and Maestra Tequilera, Ana Maria Romero Mena is one of the first Official Catadores of Tequila. Ana Maria began her career developing a Wine Tasting map to educate those among the Spanish speaking population who were interested in learning more about Wine Tasting. She later found that the complexity of Tequila and its misconceptions were widespread throughout the world. She converted her Wine Tasting map to a Tequila Tasting chart. She developed a kit called The Aromas of Tequila, a tool designed to train the senses on the aromas found in Tequila. These include the primary materials used to make Tequila as well as the aromas resulting from cooking, fermentation, distillation and aging. Her book, Las Aromas del Tequila can be found in Spanish at www.porrua.com. This book will soon be released in English as well. To order this $399.99 professional version of "The Aromas of Tequila" aroma kit, please e-mail info@TequilaRack.com.